Castle for deaf

On 11 November, 2013, the Ľubovňa museum made castle available for the deaf. The supporters of this idea are the Ministry of Culture of SR and the joint school of Pavol Sabadoš in Prešov.

Making the castle available for the deaf lies in the use of modern technologies that allow inserting video that contains narrated text in a sign language. A virtual record will be available for visitors to download through a phone application that reads QR codes. The production of virtual accompanying texts was financially supported by the help of the subsidy system of Ministry of Culture in 2013.

For the visitors without the necessary technical support, there are 5 tablets available to be used for free.

The joint school of Pavol Sabadoš in Prešov was given the chance for implementation and filled the role of interpreters. Led by the teachers, they interpreted special texts into the sign language and created neoplasms in the sign language.