Castle for visually impaired

After a successful disclosure of the Ľubovňa open-air museum for visually impaired and partially sighted people in 2011, the Ľubovňa museum decided to provide such services at the Ľubovňa castle as well. With the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of SR, Ministry of Military Forests and Estates, and the civil association “Friends of the Ľubovňa Castle” and the Union of blind and visually impaired, this idea could be successfully executed.

The castle and the open-air museum in Stará Ľubovňa

are isolated cultural facilities in the Slovak Republic that such forms of cultural heritage offer..

The project was prepared and accompanied by descriptive texts in braille, the guide line and bronze scale model of the Ľubovňa castle.

The guide line for blind and partially sighted people in the Ľubovňa castle courtyard was solemnly made available for the first time on 16 May, 2013. Children from the joint school for visually impaired and partially sighted in Levoča attended the opening.