In 2011, Ľubovňa museum decided to get involved in a student project, the author of which was Tomáš Demian, a student of UKF in Nitra. Museum, in collaboration with the author of the project managed to remove barriers in the part of the folk architecture exposition. The partial removal of barriers concerned objects on the main street in the folk architecture exposition and in church from Matysová.

Three-dimensional models are located in front of facilities to allow observation of the facility with hands.

The tour of the interior and exhibits provided with the labels is possible in the areas of selected facilities..

Removal of barriers in the area of an open-air museum

represents marking the area for visually impaired people, consisting of guide lines, which consist of railing and directional information and references in braille alphabet installed on the guide line to allow independent movement for visually impaired people through the campus.

General information about the history of the facility and the museum of folk architecture is printed in a guidebook form, written in braille, which is available at the museum‘s cash desk.